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I am very pleased to announce that my new website is now live, featuring everything I do:  keynote speaking, consulting both at the organizational and individual level, researching and writing books.  All this work is designed with one goal in mind:  to help your organization become more capable of achieving its mission.   For a long time now I have worked in the fields of worker morale and engagement and work culture, helping clients do just that.   Let me use my extensive education and experience with many clients around the world to assist your organization in these areas.

Here are some examples of how I can help you:

Keynote Speaking on Morale, Engagement and Culture:

I enjoy everything I do, but this more than anything else:  connecting with people on these subjects, explaining the importance of them and how everything fits together to create what I call the “High Engagement Work Culture”.  What is the role of management and of the individual worker in engagement?  How best to find out your levels of morale and engagement, and the nature of your culture?  These are critical questions I can answer.  Let me customize a keynote for you and bring the knowledge I have put into two books, and shared with many clients, to your team(s).

Research and Consulting:

My research firm, Research & Consulting International, in existence since 1988, can conduct anything from small surveys to worldwide ones for your organization.  Together with our technology partners, and using our own data mining software, we can let you know how your people are feeling about everything related to work, where the pockets of both high and low engagement are, and why they are high, low or just average compared to the rest of your organization.  Where and who are your “engagement champions”?  We can find them and you can learn things from them which can be used elsewhere in your organization.  We’ve done it many times.

Already use a survey firm and want some outside advice?  Let me see what you are doing and whether it falls within “best practices” in this field.  Are there much better things which you can do with your data, for example?  A better questionnaire?  Different strategies for follow-through?  I can advise you.

One-on-One Consulting:

Alternatively, let me consult with you one-on-one if you are a leader in your organization.   I have worked with hundreds of CEOs and C-level executives over the years, and know the kinds of challenges you face.  With a strong background in psychology and management sciences backing up that experience, I can create a confidential and trusting environment and help you in ways that will be valuable to you as a leader, that go well beyond “coaching”.

For much more information, including a sample of the keynotes I can deliver for your organization and some of the clients with whom I have worked, please visit the new website, and contact me with any questions.  I will be very glad to hear from you.

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