I Finally Gave In and Joined Twitter!

When I went to the SHRM Annual Conference last year as a proud member of the 2010 Blog Squad, I was the only one who was not actively using Twitter. Some of the people there were incredulous (but not those on the Squad, they were nothing but friendly), and some who didn’t make it onto the Squad were a bit peeved that a person who did not use Twitter….can you believe it?…made the Squad in the first place. Not so Jessica Merrill, Goddess of social media and especially Twitter, and author of Twitter for Business (highly recommended by the way). Jessica perhaps felt a bit sorry for me…being out in the cold and all that….but that wasn’t her motivation to give me a complimentary copy of her book at the end of the Conference, which she kindly did. That was simply to bring another person into something which she believed in and felt passionately about. I read the book right away and loved it, but it has taken me almost a year to get around to it (my excuse is that I am busy writing a new book). In any case here I am and I am going to go for it. Its not easy being starting with just one follower…but at some point everyone has been there. In fact I just picked up two more in the last hour…including SHRM’s multitasking social media guru and the man who picked me last year for the Blog Squad, Curtis Midkiff. OK, off and running and totally excited about it, and waiting now, breathlessly, for SHRM11 to start and the Tweetup to take place! Like with bacon and eggs, the chickens were involved but the pig was committed: I am committed to Twitter (but with a better outcome). Follow me and my Tweets by clicking below. I’ll have updates about the new book, ideas I am working on for new blog posts, and pleas for help with ideas for just about everything I do. I am a voracious consumer of information, especially as it relates to my passions of worker morale and engagement. Contact me here or….yes now I can say it…on Twitter. Glad to be there.

Follow engageatwork on Twitter


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