Blogging from SHRM 2011: See You There?

Just like last year I will be headed to the SHRM’s 2011 Conference in Las Vegas,  Nevada on June 25th.  I am excited about the conference because last year’s was so great.  I will be following the sessions on morale and engagement to see what everyone has to say and find out what new ideas are percolating “out there”.  I will also blog after the keynotes from Sir Richard Branson (pause for tiny feeling of pride for my fellow Brit), Arianna Huffington (must brush up on my Greek) and Michael J Fox (my hero, I am sure many peoples’ hero, cant wait to hear and see him).  Oh yes the Zappos guy Tony Hseih will be a must-see, given his success and cutting edge management ideas.

Last year SHRM had a special focus on military returnees from the Middle East trying to get back into the workforce and some fantastic speakers, who knocked the ball out of the park with their emotional comments on that topic.  That will also be a feature this year and I am excited to find out what else will tug on the heart strings and stimulate the cortex.

One of the best things about SHRM is the unplanned encounters of great people from all over the world, all HR enthusiasts busting their behinds somewhere, trying to make their work places great, like the rest of us.  Fortunately, despite the reputation of Vegas as “Lost Wages”,  I am not at all tempted by the crap tables:  my casino was the stock market and the 2008 Crash cured me even of that, so my attention will be all business, plus the Keith Urban concert of course.  If you wanted to be at SHRM11 and cannot be, let me know and perhaps I can write about something which interests you?  If you will be there, let me know!

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