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P1010098_8X6Hello I’m David Bowles and I want to welcome you to my blog on morale/engagement, culture, emotional intelligence and performance, the themes of two books published worldwide by Palgrave-Macmillan (see tabs above and pictures below), which I co-authored with Professor Sir Cary Cooper.  Instead of just focusing in the first book on “what to do on Monday morning” to improve morale and engagement, Cary and I have looked in depth at the performance connections with morale and engagement…the things which are the answer to the question: “why should I care about this touchy-feely stuff”?  As we say in the book, performance is the reason why you should care and why organizations large and small see their cultures and the resulting  levels of engagement as “mission critical“.  Cary and I also strongly believe that worker morale and engagement is part of the way in which we can….we MUST….change our capitalist system, a system to which we are passionately committed.  We extend our insights from the first book into the second, suggesting that the Crash of 2008-9 has demonstrated just how much our capitalist system….and the work cultures which underlie the way the system operates…..need to change, and how that change can occur I look forward to sharing with you here the research-based data we feature in the books and discussing your reactions to, and experience with, what I have to say.  Whether you are interested in productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, worker health or innovation…all are affected by, and our data show, driven by, high morale and engagement.  Coming at a time of unprecedented stress and upheaval in organizational life, the drive towards high morale and the workforce engagement which results from it, can be our way towards success in the tough, globalized world which is our future.  It can surely be a part of the way towards a more “conscious” form of capitalism which works for everyone, not just the few. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope you will contribute your ideas and thoughts.


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  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait to get the book. (Can I get my copy autographed?)

  2. Mr. Bowles,
    it is an honor to know you. This book will definitely be the beginning of a new era in the workplace, especially in the corporate world. Hope to see you soon at some signing event around the world.

  3. These are really great posts David, and I too am looking forward to the release of the book. Congratulations!

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